Sunday Services at 9am
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Don Burkhart

Don Burkhart and his wife of 30 years, Marcia, are longstanding residents of Lakewood, Colorado. However, both grew up in Fort Collins, graduating from Fort Collins High School in 1976. Despite a very successful career in the mortgage industry, in 1998 God began to challenge Don to pursue a career in ministry.
He attended Bible School, completing his education in 2003. He served for several years under Pastor Dennis Jeffery of Light and Life Community Church in Lakewood Colorado on the board and as a staff administrator and visiting pastor. In 2009 God led him into a short season of pastoring Life Song Community Church which met in the building currently occupied by Drake Road Christian Church. During that time, through many prophetic words, dreams and visions God revealed to Don His heart for that property and the city at large. When the church closed that same year, Don returned to his work in Lakewood still carrying the unfulfilled vision that God had given him. So, in 2016, when the invitation came from retiring pastor Charlie Patchen to return as the new head pastor of Drake Road Christian Church and minister in that same building, Don knew it was time to complete the vision and ministry he had been given 7 years earlier.
As the head pastor of Drake Road Christian Church, Don is contending for a move of God which will touch the city, the region and the nation. He is convinced of the need to build God’s House of Prayer and zealous for the Holy Spirit to bring renewal and revival once again. God has called him to preach and teach the Word, to establish the Kingdom on Christ’s authority, and to seek and save the lost “–by word and deed, by the power of signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God,” Rom 15: 18b-19.