Sunday Services at 9am
  970-493-1077     608 E Drake Road, Ft. Collins, CO, 80525

Chuck Patchen

Chuck Patchen is a Fort Collins native. He graduated from CSU with a BA in Public Speaking and Communications. He and Susan, his wife of 26 years, have also lived in Denver, Las Vegas and Kansas City while raising their four children, Abby, Hannah, Ben and Sam. Chuck received two secondary degrees in ministry: a one-year degree from Caponray Missionary Fellowship in Schladming, Austria and another four-year degree in Apostolic Prayer, Preaching and Prophecy from the International House of Prayer in Grandview, Missouri, which he completed in 2010. It was at this time God made it clear He was calling their family back to Fort Collins. Two years later the property at 608 E. Drake was purchased by his father, Charlie Senior, and Drake Road Christian Church was birthed, with Charlie as senior pastor and Chuck as associate.
Chuck’s greatest passion is to see his Father’s house be a house of prayer, leading to the advancement of the Kingdom, (Luke 24:45-49, Acts 1:8 & 14). Whether he was going to school, doing lay or full-time ministry, working in sales or running his own carpet cleaning business in Las Vegas, Chuck has lived out the calling over his life to be an “Anna” (Luke 2:37 & Acts 10:2-4, 30-31) in the “House of Prayer” (Matt 21:13, Mar 11:17, Is 56:7). Regardless of occupation or location he has always been involved in studying and teaching the word of God, praying and advancing God’s Kingdom. He has enjoyed short terms missions ministering in both Seoul, Korea and Kampala, Uganda. One of Chuck’s greatest delights, even in youth, has been reading and meditating on the Word of God. He now gladly fulfills the mandate of the church vision: to know Christ and make Him known through praying, preaching, and teaching.