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The Churches at 608 E. Drake Road:

Drake Road Christian Church | Third Day Church | Antioch Community Church | Legacy Church | New Manna


First Christian Church, under the leadership of Charlie Patchen, designed the building at 608 E. Drake Road in 1968 with the intention of creating a “Multi-Church” facility.  And that is exactly what happened during the revival of the late 1960s and 70s as people from churches all over the city came together to learn and participate in the move of the Spirit.  When Charlie started Drake Road Christian Church in 2012, in the same building, his vision was to redeem and restore that purpose:  to have a multi-generational, multi-church facility which would bless and bring unity to the body of Christ in Northern Colorado.

Five years later we are watching with excitement and wonder as the hand of God fulfills that vision, according to His will and purpose!  Beginning in April we were blessed to become the home of Third Day Church who began using the building and sanctuary for their full-time ministry.  Our two churches, while representing different expressions within the body and maintaining separate identities, are also able to partner together in shared vision for ministering to our flocks, reaching our neighborhood and community for Christ, and creating an atmosphere of cross-pollination between people, pastors, ministries, giftings, prayer, and worship. In addition to this, we have created a unique office-sharing situation with the Pastors of Antioch Community Church and Pastor Amos Olivarez from Legacy Church FC (originally Agua Viva). The result has been unity: as pastors work and minister in proximity to one another, they also join in fellowship and prayer and a desire to support and care for one another.

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608 E Drake Road, Ft. Collins, CO, 80525


Senior Pastor – Don Burkhart

Associate Pastor – Chuck Patchen

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